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Q:Do you offer a special upgrade discount to owners of ESQuotes 1?
Q:I purchased ESQuotes and the data is not in real-time. What do I do?
Q:Are the real-time quotes free? No ECN fees? No subscription fees?
Q:How can I stop the reminder after 500 stock quotes?
Q:What is your update policy?
Q:Is your order page secure?
Q:How do I re-activate ESQuotes 1.x if I lost my serial number?
Q:What exchanges do you support?
Q:Why don't mutual funds quote?
Q:How does ESQuotes work?
Q:Why do only 5 symbols get prices after a while?
Q:Will our corporate firewall or proxy server block this?
Q:Does ESQuotes hold the connection open?
Q:Will the corporate Internet police detect suspicious activity?
Q:What quote server do you use?
Q:What will happen if your quote server stops working?
Q:Are there plans for further improvements?
Q:I inserted new symbols and they aren't quoting. I get "symbol not found". What's wrong?
Q:Can you get real time quotes?
Q:How did you come up with idea?
Q:Can ESQuotes quote options?
Q:I'd like to post ESQuotes on my site, how can I do this?
Q:Is a custom version possible? I have proprietary data on our network that I'd like to able to import into Excel the same way you retrieve quotes.
Q:Can ESQuotes be included as part of another product for sale?
Q:Why do some of the functions not work?
Q:What does it mean when I see #NAME?

This software is not to be used for trading decisions. The data is delayed and may not represent actual current market data. The data is for informational purpose only. We can not guarantee that this software will work for any amount of time due to the fact that it relies on a public quote server, which can change and break our software at any time. We will provide free updates (if possible).

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